Veriphi Shareholder Update: 7 October 2017

Analyser Performance Improves. With the conclusion of the first round of tests at Auckland City Hospital, the team have taken a closer look at the data variance (spread) for each drug. Analysis, by our lead scientist Dr Ray Simpkin of Callaghan Innovation, identified a source of thermal drift in the data. This was addressed by componentry changes, implemented newly minted PHD, Dr Kyle Pennington.

The reduction in variance is between one to two orders of magnitude (from 10-8 to 10-9 or 10-10). What this potentially means is big gains in our ability to discriminate between drugs.

Concentration Model Speeds Up Process. Jerome Swannack has developed a model that can predict, from the training data, what our level of verification confidence is likely to be at certain dilutions. The model will save a significant amount of time by ensuring that the training data variance is good enough to warrant concentrations tests.  It is being used in the current round of testing.

Auckland Hospital Increases Testing from 1 to 4 Days a Week. We have revised the testing protocol in conjunction with Auckland Hospital. Previously we tested only on Saturdays, due to staff availability, but can now test on three evenings also. This will dramatically speed up the progress of the trials. We plan to complete this next stage of testing at the end of October.