Veriphi Shareholder Update: 9 November 2017

Snowball Effect. We have just finished a great day today filming at Auckland City Hospital in preparation for our Snowball Effect Fundraising Offer, which we plan to launch in just over a week’s time. We will provide more detail next week.

 First Revenues. I met Ian Costello, Director Clinical Support Services at Auckland City Hospital (ACH), earlier this week, to prepare the ground work for a commercial relationship with ACH, beyond successful hospital trials. The next step is a meeting with Ian and clinical and commercial staff, to discuss their potential requirements and a commercial roadmap to achieve them. In parallel we are having the same discussion with our private sector customer. Our focus is achieving revenue at the earliest opportunity.

 Texas Medical Centre.  As described in our IM, our target markets beyond New Zealand are Australia and the United States. As in NZ, we will lead with our pharmacy analyser, which does not require compliance approval as a Medical Device. In March 2018 I will be travelling, as part of a Callaghan Innovation led delegation, to the Texas Medical Centre in Houston, to establish collaboration partners/ customers for Veriphi’s pharmacy solution. The Texas Medical Centre is the world’s largest medical complex hosting 9,200 patient beds, 106,000 staff, over 10m patient encounters, and 180,000 surgeries. per annum. It hosts the world largest cancer hospital and the world largest children’s hospital.

This is obviously a very exciting opportunity for the company and we will be leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we are ready to exploit any potential opportunities that arise from the visit.