Klein Medical

The Technology


Veriphi’s solution passes a laser beam through a proprietary IV consumable to recognise a unique spectral signature for a specific drug and concentration.

The company’s revenue will be from device and consumable sales.

The company’s first commercial solution is designed to verify 15 oncology drugs in the hospital pharmacy as a final end of line check at Auckland Hospital Pharmacy.

Veriphi is currently conducting ongoing tests using multiple analysers as it builds a new commercial version for trials at Auckland Hospital in 2016. Research and development partners include Auckland Hospital , Auckland University, and Callaghan Innovation (NZ’s largest state funded industry research organisation), Adept Plastics, Elite Polymers and other specialist technical partners.

After clinical trials on the 15 chosen oncology drugs, our plan is to install the analyser as an in line work flow verification solution in the pharmacy to build a large test base.