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Veriphi is Successful in Raising $374,000 in Grant Funding

January 2017

Callaghan Innovation, the New Zealand Government’s lead agency for innovation support, has approved grant funding of $372,000 to Veriphi, to support its research and development. This brings the funding total, from equity investment and grant funding, since the start of the Snowball Effect Campaign in April 2016, to $1.349m.

Veriphi Raises $241,000 in Crowdfunding Offer Top Up

November 2016

Veriphi has raised another $241,000 after reopening its Snowball Effect offer at the request of its shareholders following the company’s recent AGM. The new investment demonstrates the confidence generated amidst shareholders from the meeting.

Veriphi Raises $734,000 in Equity Crowdfunding Offer

August 2016

Veriphi has raised NZ$734,000 in a successful share offer through equity crowd funding platform Snowball Effect. The money will be used to accelerate progress on the company’s new hardware and software design prior to hospital trials.

Veriphi Wins Best Startup Award at Healthtech Innovation and Investment Workshop

June 2016

Veriphi has won the "Best Startup Opportunity Award" at the recent national Healthtech Innovation and Investment Workshop in Auckland. Amidst the prizes attached to the award is $10,000 worth of travel to an international innovation summit.

Veriphi Successfully Uses it's Mathematical Model for Comprehensive Success in Multi Cell Tests

February 2016

Veriphi has achieved comprehensive success in randomised blind drug tests using multiple containers from drug data collected across multiple temperatures.

The collection of training data for 10 anaesthetic drugs was across three flow cells at 3 different temperatures. The development of a new mathematical model has enabled the extraction of fluid information independent of flow cell properties, and has resulted in the positive identification of 100% (40/40) of the 10 drugs, including in a new flow cell which was not used in the collection of training data.

The ability to successfully derive drug information from different containers at different temperatures is a major milestone building on previous successful results.

Veriphi Uses Improvements in Repeatability to Expand Drugs Test Set

July 2014

Veriphi has successfully concluded blind tests on a set of common intravenous drugs and solutions where 30 out of 31 drugs were correctly verified. The tests involved a single drug sample presentation for each drug where the data was compared to training data collected days or weeks previously from all 31 drugs.

Veriphi Achieves Initial Success with Blind Drug Trials

January 2013

Veriphi has concluded its first successful bench top blind trials using its latest proof of concept drug verification prototype. The company is developing a solution to verify intravenous drugs at point of administration to prevent injury from medication errors. Its solution is an optical analyser combined with a proprietary drug sample container

The tests were conducted at Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand’s largest government owned industry research organisation….